When I started my current job (10 years ago now) I use to ride a motorbike. I had my own office so keeping suits, shirts and shoes was not an issue. This was great, may not be the safest form of transport, but was cheaper than the trains and more reliable.

However, with the increases in petrol and insurance, it became cheaper to take the train. So a few years ago I sold the bike and started taking the train.

I had considered running to work, but there was an issue. We don’t have a shower, so either I would need to try and wash in the sink (not easy to wash your bits), use a couple of tones of baby wipes (and have an adult baby smell all day), of try and mask it with a gallon of aftershave.

I looked at where I could shower. However, the only places local to my office where gyms and they want £100 plus a month in membership, so as a money saving exercise not good. Therefore, I shelved the idea, that was until we changed the private medical insurance.

Pru Health, unlike other providers it seems, want to keep you health so you don’t claim and offer 1/2 price Gym membership. Therefore, run commute was back on the table. After some calculations and an annual increase in train fares it was now cheaper to run to and from work.