Week 1

This was the first week proper of run commute. I had done lots of planning and a few runs to work out times, what I needed, etc. For the past month or 2 I had been getting up and 5:30am to adjust my body clock as I was going to need the extra hour or so for run time.

Monday was a visit to the Virgin Active gym around the corner from my office to sign up so I had somewhere to shower. I also took some bits into the office, shower gel, etc. so I didn’t have to carry these everyday.  The evening journey home was a reminder of another reason for run commute, delays and cancellations.

I was greeted at the station by a member of FCC staff saying there was major delay on the line and perhaps I should get the bus! I walked to another station and got home that way.

Tuesday I was not planning to run, need to build up to these things, can’t just go from running 4-5 times a week to running twice a day 4 times a week as that would be asking for trouble.  

Wednesday had packed most of my stuff the night before. However, realised it was too much so changed my mind and repacked. As this was day one I hadn’t got the timings right yet so left at 7:45am. Fairly easy run as this is the downhill direction. Arrived at the office just after 9am a bit later than I wanted. Grabbed my change of clothes and went around the corner to the gym. Quick stretch, then shower and change and back to the office. Definitely  need to allow a bit more time.

Then the evening run home was surprised I was not feeling the affects of the morning run.

Thursday didn’t run.

Friday ran in left a bit earlier but the run took a bit longer as I had to stop a more points to cross road. Think I had been lucky earlier in the week and these sort of delays was not something I had thought of, and the constant stop start slows you down as build up the pace only to stop.

Friday evening the weather was terrible so I got the train.

So week one 3 runs.