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Is it really possible to run to and from work almost everyday? Will it actual save money? Will my body get stronger and fitter or just fall apart? Only one way to find out

Week 1

This was the first week proper of run commute. I had done lots of planning and a few runs to work out times, what I needed, etc. For the past month or 2 I had been getting up and 5:30am to adjust my body clock as I was going to need the extra hour or so for run time.

Monday was a visit to the Virgin Active gym around the corner from my office to sign up so I had somewhere to shower. I also took some bits into the office, shower gel, etc. so I didn’t have to carry these everyday. ┬áThe evening journey home was a reminder of another reason for run commute, delays and cancellations. - read more



When I started my current job (10 years ago now) I use to ride a motorbike. I had my own office so keeping suits, shirts and shoes was not an issue. This was great, may not be the safest form of transport, but was cheaper than the trains and more reliable.

However, with the increases in petrol and insurance, it became cheaper to take the train. So a few years ago I sold the bike and started taking the train.

I had considered running to work, but there was an issue. We don’t have a shower, so either I would need to try and wash in the sink (not easy to wash your bits), use a couple of tones of baby wipes (and have an adult baby smell all day), of try and mask it with a gallon of aftershave. - read more