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Breaking the injury cycle

It is commonly accepted that runners get injured at some point, and most accept this as an inevitable outcome of running. For some this becomes a cycle of running, injury, recovery, and running again.

Some people think running is something we are not designed to do. Other say the high physical demands placed on our bodies are the cause and thus are running too much. However, we are designed to run. Humans are the most perfecting designed endurance running machine on the planet. Other animals can run, and run faster, but humans can run further and for longer than anything else. - read more

How and why I started run barefoot – Well minimal shoes

How and why I started run barefoot.

Firstly I have not lost my marbles (some may disagree), I don’t actual run without shoes. There are some hard-core barefootest (if that isn’t a word it is now) that do run barefoot. However, I personally don’t think the streets of London are ideally suited to this activity. Therefore, I run what some people refer to as barefoot shoes (minimal is the correct term). These are becoming increasingly more popular, even around the club, and more and more manufactures and adding these types of shoes to their range. - read more