Ultra 12 – 12 Hour Race

Ultra 12 – 12 Hour Race
Date: 9-10 August 2014
Distance: As many 5 mile laps as you can
Time: 12:02:11
Actual Distance Ran: 8 laps – 40 miles

I was consider doing a 24 hours race so thought I had better do a 12 hour one first. However, they are surprisingly difficult to find and all seem to be at night. So I picked Ultra 12 as even though it was a new race, the organisers and sponsors have a good reputation.

I had not had much time to train recently due to other commitments so was slightly concerned about running for 12 hours. However, have done a few races that have taken over 12 hours so not too concerned. - read more

Weald Challenge – 50km

Weald Challenge 50km Ultra
Date: 25th May 2014
Distance: 50km
Elevation: 753 m
Time: 7:03:10

As my plans for this particular weekend changed a few weeks before, I had not planned to do this event. I was just looking around at various races and this one popped up. I thought “Its only 50km how hard can it be” so I booked it without a second thought.

I had not done any long runs since the Brighton Marathon several weeks before and would not have much time to train before hand. However, this event was just going to be a long training run for events I have later in the year. - read more

Brighton Marathon 2014

Brighton Marathon 2014
Date: 6th April 2014
Time: 4:27:41

I love this race it has to be my favourite marathon. It started in 2010 and I have done everyone. Every year they make improvements to it so I was looking forward to this one.

The downside was I have had little chance to train so although I knew I could complete the distance I wasn’t expecting my time to be great. Therefore, no real plan for the race other than set off at a comfortable pace and see what happens.

Last year I had a nightmare with the park and ride and literally arrived at Preston Park with 10 minutes to spare. In fact every year the park and ride has been problematic. This year my parents said they would drop me off. This was great arrived at the park nice and early so plenty of time to relax and mentally prepare. - read more

Week 1

This was the first week proper of run commute. I had done lots of planning and a few runs to work out times, what I needed, etc. For the past month or 2 I had been getting up and 5:30am to adjust my body clock as I was going to need the extra hour or so for run time.

Monday was a visit to the Virgin Active gym around the corner from my office to sign up so I had somewhere to shower. I also took some bits into the office, shower gel, etc. so I didn’t have to carry these everyday.  The evening journey home was a reminder of another reason for run commute, delays and cancellations. - read more



When I started my current job (10 years ago now) I use to ride a motorbike. I had my own office so keeping suits, shirts and shoes was not an issue. This was great, may not be the safest form of transport, but was cheaper than the trains and more reliable.

However, with the increases in petrol and insurance, it became cheaper to take the train. So a few years ago I sold the bike and started taking the train.

I had considered running to work, but there was an issue. We don’t have a shower, so either I would need to try and wash in the sink (not easy to wash your bits), use a couple of tones of baby wipes (and have an adult baby smell all day), of try and mask it with a gallon of aftershave. - read more

Ultra Brecon 40

Ultra Brecon 40
Date: 7th December 2013
Distance: 41 miles (actual distance covered 44.21)
Elevation: 2,196 m
Time: 12:34:00

This was the last in the series of 4 events and was the first every ultra I had done back in 2011 so I knew what to expect, or so I thought.

I arrived on Friday night at the now familiar Talybont Outdoor centre. I collected my number and map and went to find a bed. My usual room, in the older part of the building was empty. So I grabbed a bed and made my way down the road to the pub for pre race meal and pint. I sat at the table waiting for my meal to arrive and noticed they guys on the table next to me where studying there map. Turns out they where Dutch and had travelled over for the race. - read more

The Wye One Way 50

The Wye One Way 50
12th October 2013
Distance: 50 miles (actual distance covered 54.55)
Elevation: 1,860 m
Time: 14:11:24

This was the third race in a series of 4 that I had booked to do with Might Contain Nuts (MCN). My build up to the event was poor. I had done a 50 mile challenge a few months previously. However, since then had only had a chance to go out for 2 or 3 20ish mile training runs. Thus, didn’t feel that physically prepared. Therefore, in the weeks before the event I spent a lot of time mentally preparing. - read more

Breaking the injury cycle

It is commonly accepted that runners get injured at some point, and most accept this as an inevitable outcome of running. For some this becomes a cycle of running, injury, recovery, and running again.

Some people think running is something we are not designed to do. Other say the high physical demands placed on our bodies are the cause and thus are running too much. However, we are designed to run. Humans are the most perfecting designed endurance running machine on the planet. Other animals can run, and run faster, but humans can run further and for longer than anything else. - read more

How and why I started run barefoot – Well minimal shoes

How and why I started run barefoot.

Firstly I have not lost my marbles (some may disagree), I don’t actual run without shoes. There are some hard-core barefootest (if that isn’t a word it is now) that do run barefoot. However, I personally don’t think the streets of London are ideally suited to this activity. Therefore, I run what some people refer to as barefoot shoes (minimal is the correct term). These are becoming increasingly more popular, even around the club, and more and more manufactures and adding these types of shoes to their range. - read more